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Welcome to TIMEPRESS!


If you have a pain-point in your processes, if you’d love to get things done by a click of a button instead of doing it manually, or if you simply want to increase the efficiency of your company, process automation might be the way to go.

We’re here to help.


We build custom-tailored bespoke software solutions for companies.

Either being part of your project or building a whole information system or combining existing partial solutions into one functional system, we’re here to design and build a solution just for you.

What do we focus on?

Digital transformation

Process automation

Software integration

Bespoke solutions

Support and maintenance

for those who…

hate the “ink is running low” message on their printer display

hate maintaining the same spreadsheets over and over again

hate remembering 846 different logins to different systems

hate being mainstream

hate the “hold on, while we connect you to a support agent” songs on the call centre line

Clients & Testimonials

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Use case: A legal-tech startup product
Pain point: Need for an MVP to raise funding
Due date: 2016
Current state: Active, in the process of full product development and handing the project over to an internal team.

We developed a contract automation web application which allows e-signing, online negotiation and contract analysis.

After building the Minimum Valuable Product, we continued with full product development and now, we are helping Avvoka to create their own internal team capable of maintaining and further developing the application.

This was achieved without disrupting the development process, the applications functionality or the integrity of the system.

For a reference, contact: 

You can find an interview with them here.

Use case: Information system – internally used web application
Pain point: High probability of invoicing mistakes due to complicated energy commodity calculations.
Due date: 2019
Current state: Active, continuously developed and maintained by us

We developed a system that uses advanced calculations to price and invoice Manta’s clients, saving their employees time and eliminating profit loss due to incorrect invoicing. Since there is no pre-made energy commodity invoicing solution available, Manta decided to get their own solution made on-demand.

This ensures the system fits in seamlessly within their existing processes.

They say a picture says more than a 1000 words, so that, you can find a beautiful reference they sent us when we asked for one:

Use case: Information system – internally used web application
Pain point: Complicated process of offer generation with a high probability of manual mistakes
Due date: 2016
Current state: Active, maintained and supported by us

We developed a system that allows Elektroline generating dynamic offers for their customers. It uses advanced exchange rate calculations, bonuses and special offers. The solution will require advanced bonus and pool calculations.

New functions are being developed as a required extension of the solution.

For a reference, contact: Mikuláš Burgr (phone: +420 606 067 480)

Do you want to read more about what they think of the cooperation? You can find a letter from them here.

Use case: Information system – internally used web application
Pain point: Unaware of car traders financial health in the network
Due date: 2017
Current state: Active, maintained and supported by us

We developed a financial report software solution for Mazda which not only registers incomes and costs but also updates the traders/business partners on their financial health.

We are still supporting the system, ensuring it is up-to-date, secure and running.

In 2020, we are developing the second stage of the project which will give the traders an opportunity to see relevant network comparisons, based on the assignments issued by Mazda.

For a reference, contact: 

What do we offer?

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FREE demo
in 14 days.

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Return on investment
in 6 – 24 months.


Direct communication
with the lead developer.

Just because digital transformation sounds complicated, it doesn‘t mean it has to be.
Automate your processes at ease.

How is it done?

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Initial analysis

Meet us and let's find out if we can help
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Building a demo

Try us for free for 14 days
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Terms of cooperation

Let's agree upon building the thing
step-4 step-4

Full development

We build the thing and you tell us if it's okay
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Additional adjustments

Tell us what's wrong so we can change it

Happy chill-out

Relax, everything is fine
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Support and maintenance

We keep the thing running and secure

Our story

TIMEPRESS started in 2009 as a one-man show by Tom who was sick of the endless administrative processes delaying solutions to his client‘s issues.

He soon realised that clients liked his direct approach and problem-solving mindset and he wondered if there were other developers like him.
He‘s been looking for them and hiring them ever since.
His mission is still not over, as he continues as the CTO of TIMEPRESS.

The rest of us do our best to follow in his footsteps by:

→ direct and honest communication,
→ focus on the problem, not the beauty of the code itself,
→ delivering the simplest, most straightforward solution.

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